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All our intruder alarm systems are installed to the appropriate Irish
and International Standards for the premises covered.

Pioneer Security has long experience in the Dublin alarm business. By
utilising tried and
true equipment with great attention to detail we can secure your premises to
meet the level risk our requires. Our dedicated after-sales security service will
give both you and your client the confidence in our systems that others enjoy.
We use sophisticated alarm systems and monitoring to counter potential false
alarms and design integrated systems, using a range of integrated
approaches, including CCTV and Smoke Screen where appropriate, to
provide a tailored, cost-effective  security solution.

As with all technology, regular maintenance is an essential element in ensuring a trouble-free  security system. The system will be serviced and kept in perfect running order.

We provide alarm monitoring in Dublin and nationwide. Burglar Alarm systems both wired alarms and wireless alarms. Domestic burglar alarms and commercial alarm systems.

Monitored Intruder Alarms

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How Monitored intruder alarms work (Security Alarms)

Magnetic Reed Contact (MRC)(Door Contacts)

These devices operate by detecting a physical opening. They are normally used on windows and doors to detect intrusion. They will not detect vibration or breaking glass. When door or window is opened an alarm condition is generated.

Inertia Detector Unit (IDU) (Window Sensors)

These devices operate by detecting vibration. They are used on windows and doors to detect a forced entry. They will not detect a physical opening. As these devices detect vibration it is important to ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked properly prior to setting the system to prevent undue vibration causing false activations. Where sensors alone are fitted to windows it is vital that the opening section of the window is locked.

Passive Infra Red Detector (PIR) (Motion Detectors)

These devices operate by viewing infra signature of the room through a Fresnel lens. This lens divides the room into different sectors. If two sectors change in temperature rapidly then an alarm condition is generated. As this indicates that a person has crossed the field of view. Passive infra-red detectors are sensitive to draughts and rapid change in temperature. There care must be taken when siteing these devices. blocked.

Dual-tech Detectors (Commercial Motion Detectors )

Dual-tech Detectors utilises both Microwave and infra-red technology to provide a move stable method of intruder detections. Microwave detects movement but not heat. Infra-red detects heat changes but not movement therefore when combined it requires both devices to be activated to generate an alarm activation.

Security Control Panel (Burglar Alarm Panel)

The control panel is the central controller of the alarm system. It is programmed to operate the system according the requirements of the national standards. I.S.EN 50131-1 2006. It is accessed through keypad by the user to set and unset the alarm. In the event of an alarm activation it contacts the monitoring station either through the phone line or by a GSM communicator if one is fitted. The sirens or sounded and the strobe light flashes for 15 minutes and the system can then automatically reset itself. It can also trigger the CCTV system and Smoke Screen if they have been installed.
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