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Management Profiles

Senior Management

Martin Whelan, Managing Director
Martin, as a former founder director of Whelan Security, has over 25 years of experience in the security business.
At the very beginning he installed and maintained the systems himself.

Over the years he built a strong successful company. Understanding that the key to success is in customer satisfaction, in 2004 Martin established Pioneer Security. He is responsible for finance, strategy and business development.

Martin Whelan

Martin Whelan
Jochen Riehn, Operations Director
Jochen entered the security business in 1982, working with Allied Alarms in their alarm monitoring station.

Subsequently in 1991 he became general manager in Whelan Security. Jochen has the ultimate responsibility
 for operations and strategic planning in Pioneer. Due to many years of sales experience he manages the key portfolio clients.
Jochen Riehn

Jochen Riehn