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Panasonic Phone System KXTEA308E

Panasonic KX-TEA308
  The Panasonic KX-TEA308 Phone System is a great value, entry level key system that provides connectivity for three analogue telephone lines and eight telephone extensions.

The telephone extensions can either be the Panasonic key phones that have been designed to work specifically with the KXTEA 308 phone system including the KX-T7735, KX-T7730, KX-T7720 and the KX-T7750, or the system can also work with standard analogue telephones. In reality most users of the Panasonic KXTEA308E phone system will use a mix of both system key phones and normal analogue telephone devices.

To configure the Panasonic KX-TEA308 most users will opt for the system phone which needs to be connected into the first extension port. For this a phone with a display is required so that gives a choice between the KXT7730 and the KXT7735 system phones.

Where more advanced programming is required, for example configuring voice-mail or auto attendant (DISA) features, then the KX-TEA308 phone system comes with a CD which contains the programming software so that the system can be configured using a PC interface, however you will need to provide your own USB cable as the KXTEA308 system does not come with one.

Panasonic KX-TEA308 Phone System - What's in the box?

When you purchase the Panasonic KXTEA308 phone system. then you can expect to do a little cabling to connect the phone system to the telephone lines and to the telephone extensions. Traditionally the system would be connected to a junction box, and wired out from the junction box to extension sockets, into which you would plug your telephones. This accounts for the contents of the KX-TEA308 box which are:-

  • 1 x KX-TEA308E Phone System*
  • 3 x RJ11 to Open Ended Cables (for connection to Telephone Lines)
  • 8 x RJ11 to Open Ended Cables (for connection to junction box to then be wired out to extensions)
  • 1 x Power Supply Cable
  • 1 x CD containing installation and user manuals as well as the configuration tool.

*Make sure that you order a correct UK version because some grey imports only have 4 x Hybrid Ports and 4 x SLT (Analogue only) ports, which means to can only connect 4 x system key phones.

The Panasonic KXTEA308 is one of the best value small business phone systems which can be installed by the end user. When installing this Panasonic Phone System you will require CW1308 telephone cable, an IDC Telephone Junction Box, extension sockets and a krone tool / insert make the cable connections into the junction box and extension sockets. The KX-TEA308 phone system is supplied with 3 x RJ11 to BT Plug cables that connect to the line ports of the system and plug into your BT phone line. The system is also supplied with 8 x RJ11 plug to open ended cables - these will need to be terminated into your junction box. From the junction box you then run your telephone cable and install your extension socket. That is the physical installation of the phone system done.

Programming of the KX-TEA308 phone system is done using one of the system display phones (KXT7730 or KXT7735) or you can connect your computer to the phone system using the USB interface and configure the phone system using the configuration software.



Panasonic KX-TEA 824 Phone System - Analogue Business Phone System

Panasonic 824
Key Features

• Up to 8 CO lines and 24 Extensions
• Built in DISA / Message on Busy
• Built-in Extension CLI
• Bulit in Modem
• Voice Message (Optional)
• Built-in USB Port for PC Programming

Panasonic KXTEA 824pdf - Phone System Brochure (770 KB)