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Company Profile

Ashfield House
Pioneer Security is a company with fresh ideas. It has a strong pedigree in the
Irish security industry and is run by some of the most experienced professionals
in the business. The security firm's key executives have all worked together
before. So it has a strong and well-proven foundation of knowledge and
practical experience. But when Managing Director Martin Whelan got together
with Operations Director Jochen Riehn to establish Pioneer Security they
had something distinctively different in mind.

Pioneer provides electronic security installation and servicing, in particular to
higher-end corporate accounts. Its product range includes Intruder & Fire Alarms,
CCTV ,Access Control Systems , CCTV Monitoring and Smoke Screen.

Pioneer has a focus on the customer which is exceptional in the industry.
“Many companies will claim they are customer driven, but we know the reality,” explains Martin Whelan. “Jochen and I realised that there was still an opening for a company offering superior service, quality products and the highest standards of installation.”

Pioneer is unique, too, in being a “onestop-shop” for all electronic security requirements, including fire systems, and in providing the option of a full parts & labour warranty on all systems for their entire working life. Martin and Jochen also recognised that professionalism, technical competence and ongoing training are vital to success in a rapidly changing marketplace. They made sure, therefore, that Pioneer was structured from the outset to be a leader in this regard.

All its systems employ leading edge technology and every member of its staff has at least five years industry experience. In fact, most have significantly more than this. The team is strong on technical expertise. Pioneer operates from a beautifully restore Georgian building reflecting martin Whelan’s attention to detail.

There are many factors creating change within the Irish security industry. These include the introduction of new European standards for intruder alarms under EN50131, (which supersedes the National IS199 standard), the new Garda Intruder Alarm Policy, the impending introduction for the first time of standards for CCTV systems and a host of technological advances. EN 50131, in particular, sets new challenges for systems design because it introduces new grades of assumed risk and sets different standards for system components to comply with these grades.

Technology already plays an extremely important role in this business and is set to be even more important in the future, Intruder alarms may still be the 'bread & butter' of the business, but access control systems and CCTV represent important areas of growth and with good reason. We believe that as technologies improve it allows customers to benefit from ever more sophisticated and reliable approaches to security at lower operating costs.

CCTV, for example, has become a standard requirement for more and more businesses seeking to comply with Health & Safety requirements, to protect themselves from fraudulent insurance claims and product “shrinkage”. Up to a few years ago CCTV recording involved the use of video tapes which had to be changed manually every 24 hours and required laborious archiving. Now, in the modern digital age, recording systems can be installed which run without manual intervention. It is possible to capture and retain footage for up to 36 months.

The Internet has made it possible nowadays to monitor all types of systems remotely at exceptionally low cost. Two way communications channels even allow for direct intervention. Remote monitoring, which can include everything from power supply status and equipment temperatures to alarms and CCTV cameras, can significantly reduce the costs of security for companies which have traditionally relied on 24 hour on-site security personnel.

Monitored CCTV can remove a customer's need to have personnel on site. In the event of an intrusion the monitoring station can speak directly to the intruder warning him/her that have been and the Gardai notified. More and more companies are finding that for cost efficiency they really cannot ignore the potential benefits of the latest technologies in their security mix.

It is our job to make sure that our customers have access to the very latest technology and, even more importantly, that they can get well-informed advice on what will suit their situation best. We're not here to recommend or sell them systems they don't need. We have a reputation for honest, straight talking and we believe the relationship with customers should be one of partnership, built on trust, and that's something we work hard to earn. Our clients can send us AutoCAD drawings, either on disk or on email, which we can print on Pioneer’s in-house plotter. As part of the design service customer drawings can then be marked up with recommendations for security systems to the appropriate national or European standards.

Pioneer Security is well established in the Irish security industry. With a clear focus on the commercial sector, its customer list includes a number of household names. It provides a nationwide service, including security for all remote sites for two of the country's leading telecoms providers. We've deliberately set out to be one of the best in the business rather than the biggest, As part of our professional approach we've introduced services of real benefit to customers. We give people a reliable, 24/7 maintenance and repair cover, for example. Customers also tell us that they find our quarterly direct debit facility very helpful in spreading the cost of their annual contract charges.

Looking to the future, we believe that it will be strongly influenced by further advances in technology, including biometrics such as iris scanning and finger print recognition for access control. Of one thing you can be certain, If you need electronic security installation and related services for your commercial premises Pioneer will be there with the latest technologies and solutions and sound advice on what you really need to achieve your objectives in a cost effective way.

We're people you can rely on.