It has to be your face with Facial Recognition Access Control

High Security AccessYes, open the door with no cards, no keys, no codes and not even a fingerprint but with very high security facial recognition. Just stand in front of the unit; see your face on the screen then the door is unlocked. Fingerprint technology can be used as an alternative or as an additional security measure.



The system utilises the unique shape of the human face, providing a rapid, highly secure and reliable means of controlling entry doors. It can augment an existing or proposed access system.


Key benefits

1.       High Security using the unique shape of the human face and/or fingerprint.

2.       No code to remember or card to lose.

3.       Infra-red optical system enables user identification in poorly lit environments.

4.       4.3” TFT(thin-film transistor) touch screen is user-friendly and very intuitive.

5.       With both hands full you can still open the door.


This is not the future it is now and it is cost effective. Pioneer security in conjunction with TDSi will provide this next level of access security.


·               Stolen keys won’t work

·               Stolen cards won’t work

·               Fake ID won’t work

·               It has to be you


By storing up to 500 users it takes less than a second for identity verification. The unit can operate in virtually all light conditions with an impressive.


Meet us at Pioneer Security and see it working.